Hoy P’loy offers a new concept in skincare that provides results driven,on-the-go express facials, peels and masks, which include skin specific treatments utilizing different professional therapies to cleanse exfoliate, extract and moisturize. Our facials are 30 /50 min, Peels 15/30 min and Masks 15/30/60 min.

  • Very Berry IceSicle™

    $ 70

    Scoops of delicious berry sorbet to exfoliate and peel, followed by a cucumber cool gel to restore and nourish and soothing raspberry mask to hydrate and smooth.

  • Citrus Creme Sorbet™


    Sprinkles of citrus and pineapple sorbet scrub and exfoliate the lips and smooth lines followed by a luscious lemon peel to smooth and scoops of whipped cream to mask and soften.Topped with a silky smooth sprinkle of creams and oils to hydrate and shine.

  • Pink Pear Popsicle™

    $ 70

    Scoops of Pear and Apple sorbet cleanse and exfoliate followed by a Pink grapefruit masque to purify nourish and re-balance the skin, topped with soothing cream to moisturize.

  • Blueberry Bliss™

    $ 140

    Scoops of blueberry cream delight  exfoliate and cleanse and tighten pores followed by scoops of delicious raspberry, blackberry and pineapple to peel and restore, topped with the whipped cream to tone and soothe.


All Cups and Cones Facials include a skin specific treatments utilizing different therapies alone or in combination like exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, spalicious massage, served with care by skin care professionals.

  • Strawberry Swirl™


    Sprinkles of sugar crystals exfoliate leaving the skin polished followed by a silky souffle to cleanse and topped by a scoop of strawberry swirl to moisturize and nourish.

  • Vanilla Almond Kisses™

    $ 170

    Warm vanilla almond milk soaks and soothes skin sugar crystals exfoliate and polish and silky warm fudge syrup masks and protects. Face and hands are wrapped in warmth and is followed by scoops of vanilla ice-cream to massage soothe and smooth. The crème de la crème.The ultimate spa facial with microdermabrasion, enzyme pack and triple oxygen applications to leave skin fresh nourished and glowing.


Face -cleanse exfoliate moisten 30 mins $ 30
full body microdermabrasion  60 mins    $100
Hands – 5 mins s $ 10



Our Peel Bar keeps skin glowing with no downtime.
Our professional strength Aha, Alpha Beta,Tca and Jessner  peels provide highly effective results that are instantly visible

Blueberry Bliss 30mins $ 40
Very Berry – 50 mins $ 60
Purple Pineapple – 30 mins $ 40
Glycolic/Lactic /Salicylic Peel – 30 mins $ 40
Medical Peel – 50 mins $ 90